Hyundai Lease For Less in Downers Grove, IL

How can drivers lease a Hyundai for less? Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove, IL has the latest lease incentives direct from the manufacturer to help our customers get into the latest sedans, crossovers, and SUVs for less. Browse through our inventory to learn more about the new vehicles we have in stock at our Hyundai dealership.

In addition to lease incentives, the Illinois tax laws for leased vehicles have also changed and now it’s possible for local residents to save even more on a lease deal at Pugi Hyundai.
How did the new Illinois tax law change Hyundai leases?
The new lease laws in Illinois have essentially cut the taxes paid on a leased vehicle in half. Previously, lessees had to pay taxes on the full value of the leased car, truck or SUV. Now, drivers who lease a new vehicle only have to pay taxes on the portion of the vehicle they actually use. This has lead to unprecedented savings on lease deals for Illinois residents. Take advantage of the changes at our Hyundai dealership in Downers Grove, IL and lease a new Elantra or Santa Fe for much less than before.
What are the benefits of leasing at Pugi Hyundai?
Not only does Pugi Hyundai offer tax savings from the new Iliinois lease laws, but our dealership in Downers Grove, IL also offers the latest lease incentives and rebates directly from the manufacturer. Any driver looking to save on a lease deal needs to consider a new sedan, hatchback, or SUV from our Hyundai dealership.
How can drivers lease a new Hyundai?
There are several simple steps that drivers will follow when leasing a new car or SUV at our Hyundai dealership in Downers Grove, IL:

Find a car at Pugi Hyundai and fall in love with it.
See if there are available lease offers. This can be discussed with a product specialist at our Hyundai dealership.
Determine the exact terms (miles, years and insurance) that you need.
Work with a product specialist to figure out your payments and make sure they will fit into your budget.
Review and sign the paperwork. Review the final documents like you would any other financial agreement. Our finance and product specialists see dozens of lease deals every month, so they have the knowledge to explain any terms or sections that might be confusing. It’s a great idea to ask questions before signing.
Enjoy your new Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV.

Do you still have questions about lease deals at Pugi Hyundai? Get in touch with the lease experts at our dealership in Downers Grove, IL through our contact form or by phone at 855-909-0371 to learn more about available lease options.

Are you looking for more information on a new Hyundai? Browse through the new inventory available at our Hyundai dealership or take a look at our model research center to get more details on specific models.