Hyundai Ioniq and WaiveCar Team Up for Ride Sharing Program

December 19th, 2016 by

Will you be in the Los Angeles area soon? Then you might want to take advantage of the new Hyundai Motor and WaiveCar partnership. These two forward-thinking brands have revolutionized car sharing for the better. This effort is also a way for Hyundai to introduce the Ioniq electric compact car at no cost to the consumer. Starting January 2017, drivers in the Los Angeles area can drive the Ioniq EV on-demand for two hours for free. The vehicle has advertisements covering the exterior and also features a roof-mounted digital display provided by WaiveCar. Interestingly, the digital display is connected to 4G and displays ads that correlate with the vehicle’s location and time of day. Mark Dipko, director of corporate planning and strategy at Hyundai Motor America is particularly excited about this partnership. ‘WaiveCar presents some great solutions for us. The Ioniq offers emissions-free transportation to on-the-go Angelenos. This partnership allows us to reach potential customers and give them the opportunity to test-drive our outstanding Ioniq electric while generating awareness for the Ioniq brand at the same time.’ Those who are interested in this unique opportunity can drive the Ioniq for two hours at a time. If they decide to extend their usage, they can pay $5.99 an hour for additional time. Although this Hyundai/WaiveCar opportunity is only available to drivers in Los Angeles, the program is set to launch in three other cities by the end of 2017. Looking for a fuel-efficient ride of your own? Browse the new vehicle inventory at Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove, IL to see our selection of hybrid and compact vehicles. As always, you can contact us online or call (877) 885-5942 for more information.

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