Hyundai Fuel Cell Concept Debuts at Geneva Motor Show

April 25th, 2017 by

Back in March 2017, Hyundai introduced the next-generation of mobility at the Geneva Auto Show: the FE Fuel Cell Concept, powered purely by hydrogen. This is an effort for Hyundai Motor’s future vision of zero-emission mobility. Having already joined the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative to promote the development and commercialization of fuel cell cars as an alternative to fossil fuels, and bursting in at the forefront of hydrogen vehicle development with the ix35 Fuel Cell (or Tucson Fuel Cell), Hyundai keeps taking steps in the right direction for a greener future. So, what makes the FE Fuel Cell Concept tick? For starters, its design is inspired by nature itself, featuring a flowing form meant to represent water, which by the way, is the vehicle’s only emission. The FE Fuel Concept also takes the minimalist approach when it comes to interior design. A brand-new feature that no other vehicle has ever seen is the internal air humidifier, which recycles water emitted by the vehicle’s clean hydrogen system for a more comfortable drive. For reliability’s sake, the FE Fuel Cell comes with portable battery packs that are charged by the car’s energy output. Although you can’t quite purchase this innovative vehicle just yet, you may be able to get your hands on a new SUV Fuel Cell model that the concept model inspired, which will be out in 2018. Pugi Hyundai has a number of efficient vehicles ready to hit the road, so check out our new vehicle inventory for model availability. For more information, give our team a call at (877) 885-5942.
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