Hyundai Battery Specials in Downers Grove, IL

If your car has been slow to start recently, or if you noticed that electrical components haven't been functioning as they should, then it's probably time to think about changing your car battery. It is good practice to put a new battery in your car or SUV every three years, though if you've needed multiple jump starts in a short period of time, or if the battery warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, don't put it off any longer.

Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove, IL stocks car batteries for the complete line of Hyundai cars, crossovers, and SUVs available at our dealership. Call our Hyundai Service and Parts Department at 630-964-9500 to speak with one of our friendly parts specialists. They can help you identify the correct battery for your Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, Santa Fe, or other Hyundai model.  

Our service center currently offers $10 off labor for all battery replacements, and we will honor any competitor and manufacturer coupons you bring in. We also offer a battery disposal service, so you can exchange your old battery for the new one right in our parts department. Make your service appointment to replace your battery today.

Choosing a New Battery

Not all car batteries are made equal. There are five important factors drivers in the Downers Grove, IL area should consider when purchasing a new battery.

  1. Size: the battery should sit safely and securely. Your owner's manual should list your vehicle's specific battery group size.
  2. Brand: Pugi Hyundai carries OEM recommended batteries, as well as several compatible budget alternatives. However, keep in mind a generic battery might have a shorter lifespan.
  3. Reserve Capacity: This is how long - in minutes - that the battery can run your vehicle alone if the fan belt or alternator fails.
  4. Age: Every battery should be stamped with a manufacture date, with a letter standing in for the month and a digit for the date. For example, January of 2016 would be dated as A6. Look for a battery produced within the last six months.
  5. Cold Cranking Amps: This measures how well your battery will perform in the cold, which is very important when parking outside in the wintertime in Illinois.

Car Battery Charging

Everyone has forgotten to turn their headlights off at least once and come back to discover their battery had died, or been unable to start their car on a cold winter's morning. The battery needs to be recharged to get your car working again, but unless done professionally, recharging your battery runs a risk of overcharging, which can cause damage both to the battery and the surrounding components.

A low battery charge is an enormous inconvenience to any driver, but the solution is simple and inexpensive. Our Hyundai dealership in Downers Grove, IL has the equipment to quickly and safely charge your vehicle's battery. Make an appointment to stop by for a battery charging.

Contact Pugi Hyundai today for all of your car battery needs and with any questions you may have about our battery services.